Rubio: Obama Doing Nothing to Stop Cuban Migrant Crisis

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Rubio: Obama Doing Nothing to Stop Cuban Migrant Crisis

From CNN:

Marco Rubio: Obama not doing enough to stop Cuba migrant crisis

Sen. Marco Rubio used the Cuban migrant crisis approaching U.S. borders on Thursday to lambast President Barack Obama's policies toward Cuba as laughable.

The Cuban-American Republican senator from Florida was asked what he would do about Cuba as president on Thursday at an Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security forum in New Hampshire.

He attacked Obama's move to normalize relations with Cuba, saying the U.S. made "major concessions" and Cuba changed "nothing" in how they behave in return, including harboring fugitives, collaborating with U.S. enemies and oppressing its citizens.

"Cuba oppresses its people so bad that today we have a migratory crisis from Cuba that's being under-reported," Rubio said. "You literally have thousands of Cuban migrants who have gone to Costa Rica and are now working their way up Central America to cross the U.S. border because once they come into the United States, they're legal."

There are roughly 8,000 Cuban migrants who have been stranded in Costa Rica, and they recently began a journey through Central America to cross into the U.S. at the southern border, with the first batch of dozens arriving over the weekend.

"That is the consequences of having a dictatorship 90 miles from our shores," Rubio said. "They continue to send thousands and thousands and thousands of migrants toward the United States."

Regarding the thawing of relations, Rubio said nothing was changing in Cuba.

"What kind of one-sided deal is this?" he said. "No wonder why people around the world laugh at Barack Obama."