Hope and civilization to Cuba

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By Oscar Elias Biscet

President Raul Castro virulently decried the Cuban people in their public presentation before the deputies of the National Assembly of Popular Power in its Eighth Session of the Legislature held in the Palace of Conventions in Havana.

​That this mandate in chief utters that their fellow citizens are vulgar, irresponsible, ungentlemanly, undisciplined, fraudulent and unethical, is to fill the cup of cynicism by this dictator. Never before in the history of mankind no ruler had spoken with such shamelessness of his own people. Not even the tyrants of our contemporary fellow citizens were disqualified so.

In fact, individuals megalomaniac murderers and despisers of mankind as A. Hitler, J. Stalin, N. Ceausescu, Pol Pot, S. Hussein, M. Gaddafi had the decency not to officially express improper concepts on their people. 

​Similarly we find individuals who by their lack of hope or courage to put an end to the communist regime of Castro are capable of repeating unfounded opinions. 

Definitely, we know that these concepts are to depersonalize government Cubans, and being as subject desvalorarlo object of the will to power, leaving them bereft of their best human attributes: the hope and dignity that these are outcomes of action Castro-communist dictatorship. 

To combat and eradicate these evils imposed by the socialist regime, several dissident leaders have created the Emilia Project.

Emilia is a sui generis document. In this highlights the patriotic values ​​and ethical-moral of our noble and heroic Cuban people. Document explicitly glorifies God dignifies women and Creole. It also highlights the heroism of all Cuban patriots from the earliest stages of gestation of our nationality, even those who in recent years have given their lives for the freedom of their homeland.

This proposal breaks theoretically Castro-communist regime through its banning. Just as the Egyptians collected signatures of support to end the Islamic dictatorship, and developed the nonviolent mass political defiance, our project also sees these actions. These are human aspirations of a people of profound political and ideological content; truly inclusive, highlighting the most beautiful of our compatriots, civilized spirit and intense longing for freedom.

​We chose nonviolent resistance as a method of struggle to be civilized, active, challenging but not want to damage the opponent, and not vindictive be supported by the love of neighbor. This is the essence of the culture of the Western world and its teaching Socratic Judo-Christian. But we see these terms in the words of the scholars in this field.

According to Robert Helvey, a member of the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI), Boston, Massachusetts, is a political challenge nonviolent confrontation that takes place in a challenging and active political purposes. This leaves no room for submission, its action is political and aims, political power.

​Similarly, in his book "From Dictatorship to Democracy", describes Gene Sharp (AEI): "when you want to bring down a dictatorship most effectively and at less cost, we must take these four tasks:

One must strengthen the oppressed population in their determination to fight, confident in themselves and in their abilities to resist;

One must strengthen the independent social groups and institutions of the oppressed;

You must create a powerful internal resistance force, and should develop a comprehensive and thorough overall strategic plan for liberation, and run it with skill ".

​These tasks are seeking to block the Castro dictatorship with state terror and strong paternalistic influence associated with the manipulation of information to discredit and slander the Cuban people and keep in subjugation.

This oppressive boss, Raul Castro, the head is illustrated imitate Voltaire, and implements the concepts put forward by the liberal crowd: "The village is a cattle and what you need is a yoke a goad and fodder". Therefore, we strongly oppose this tyranny and unjust laws, to its evolution into the future. Because all people are honorable, substrates of freedom and human dignity, the very essence of the superconscious.

​The author is President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights.