Free Cuba must be in the NATO

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Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

President of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights
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New concept for humanity opened Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. The desire for integration and cooperation of Colombia with Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) opens a new geopolitical perspective to the nations of the Americas.

The principles of freedom, peace, prosperity and security sought by each state to its nationals are evoked in the Charter of the United Nations for its members guaranteed in Article 8 of the Washington Treaty. This agreement led to NATO in 1949.

NATO emerged as a necessity of self-preservation of the values ​​of Western democracy, before the fierce momentum of territorial expansion of Soviet imperialism. These facts prompted a new reality in the world, the Cold War.

In 1991, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union put an end to the Cold War, and is victorious the system of government based on representative democracy. NATO grows with new European members and extends to the east of Europe.

Although the Cold War ended and no powerful military threat to the integrity of the nations that make up NATO, other domains remain imperialist ideas in government leaders Soviet reminiscences.

There are still Stalinist regimes as North Korea, with its nuclear threat, and Cuba in the Castro, with his profound influence on the ALBA countries and the rest of Latin America. We can not forget Putin's Russia, direct heir of the Soviet political police, with their dreams of global hegemony. Also influenced other nations with the same geopolitical strategic dream, like China and Iran that could destabilize world peace.

Colombia has experienced a protracted civil war, promoted by narco-guerrillas, under the protection of Castro-Stalinism and in recent years by Chavez. They want to expand their territory west and create the Great Colombia. Similarly part of the soil claiming the Guyanese nation, which called Guayana.

President Santos aware of the serious dangers facing their nation in the near future and longs for peace, prosperity and freedom of its people. For this you need an educated army strong democratic principles of the rule of law. This is favored by the exchange of experiences with other free nations armed forces.
Colombia is a country of Caribbean shore. This sea is an extension of the Atlantic Ocean. In the Caribbean there are territories of several European countries: Britain, France and Holland. However, this Caribbean nation does not comply with Article 10 of the Washington Treaty, which your income is exclusively for European and North Atlantic.

However, Colombia initialed a document security cooperation range common interests with NATO. This memo encourages cooperation between the 28 NATO countries and 21 partner countries based on bilateral relations between them and the military alliance. 

NATO is a strong pillar for the consolidation of the European Union, even strongly encourage bonding a transatlantic nation (Canada, United States and Europe).

​Just as the United States benefited from the Vandenberg Resolution to join the military alliance, now should be helped to Colombia a relaxation of the rules of admission to the North Atlantic organization. This beam's own policy, is taking steps to Latin American nations to join the treaty, which would stimulate his country's entry into the Euro-Atlantic future.

Cuba, once freed from the Castro-communist regime, should be part of this multinational defense system. Its shores are washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and its lower limit of the territory is above the 20th parallel, the city of Mexico is located below this parallel. However, Mexico by geography is a North American country, including part of the Free Trade North.

​Free Cuba has the opportunity to participate in two ways indistinct in the NATO military organization. With a small army of deep democratic race, or, as a nation without an army, which provides financial and logistical dues to the agency, in addition, he was not forced to participate in war events. This type of agreement would ensure freedom and democracy on the island even more widely to the entire region.

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