Emilia Proyect, Love for independence and for freedom

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At the beginning of today, the known opposition Cuban Oscar Elias Biscet is added as a columnist at the pages of Diario Las Américas

By Oscar Elias Biscet

The vehement denial of the founding fathers of the United States of America, George Mason and Patrick Henry, to initial the U.S. Federal Constitution unless a Bill of Rights included individual saved the American Revolution and magnified in history.

Mason and Patrick triumphed to persuade the assembly to reform the constitution federalists of the fledgling nation and add the Bill of Rights that was the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. 

​Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights, adopted in 1776, by the state of Virginia. This is the first declaration of human rights of the modern age, although it has its foundations in the English Bill of Rigths 1689. His influence was so profound that Thomas Jefferson introduced this statement in the constitutionalism of the American union, and he had done years before Gen. Marquis de Lafayette, an influential of the American and French Revolution, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, France (1789). Europe, Latin America and many nations of the world, including international law, have their ancestry jurisprudence of the Bill of Rights Virginian. 

Cuba is not exempt from these beneficent influences, especially during the independence process of colonialism of the Spanish Empire and the initiation and development of the republican era. On July 4, 1851, the Cuban Revolution began an anti-colonialist, pro-independence and freedom of the island Well organized, structured, born on our soil and with the participation of many Creoles. This was promoted by the famous caudillo Joaquín Agüero, spreading the rebellion in the east, central and west. And with the support of the landing of Pinar del Rio, the inspirer of our national flag and coat, General Narciso Lopez.

Aguero and Lopez were captured and sentenced to death by garrote, and more than a dozen compatriots were executed in a day in the trenches Atarés Castle, in Havana, in 1851. Nevertheless, the example of these worthy Cubans remained in the fundamentals of homeland and freedom of other Cuban revolutions for independence as the 1868, 1878 and 1895. They formed the Cuban Republics in Arms, that under their constitutions defended individual rights of its citizens evoked in the Virginia Bill of Rights. 

Similarly we can say of the Republican era Cuba with his two Constitutions, 1901 and 1940. Advanced for its time, and guarantees rights for all, universal suffrage, although the female was established in 1934. Yet both laws Act, 1940 especially, contains in Chapter IV right bases Mason, so they call the Bill of Rights Cubana (Cuban Bill of Rights.) 

After more than 53 years of dictatorial rule Castro, with the abolition of basic human rights and a strong resistance to the dictatorship Cuban people, a group of dissident leaders we intend to win democracy and freedom for our country through Emilia Project.

Emilia is a document citizen outlawing the totalitarian regime in all branches of power, including the 1976 communist constitution. Also advocates nonviolent mass civil disobedience to break the tyranny and usher in freedom, without prefacing the Castro the future of the free republic. 

Therefore in my heart Mason and Patrick, and exalt the values ​​of the Charter of Law of the Constitution of 1940. Since this law was never repealed by the Parliament and people of Cuba, we claim to civilized that change towards freedom in Cuba. 'll not only as 

​Patrick Henry: "Give me liberty or give me death." But they will choose freedom for the good of my people and I say with all my strength and love: Viva Cuba Libre!